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An independent resource on Kashmir for researchers, journalists, academics, and the curious.

November 2003: jammukashmir.net is back on-line and will be updated.  Apologies for the lapse over the summer.


Kashmir Links -
with all shades of opinion on the issue available


Kashmir Press & Contacts

Most Kashmiri papers on-line only carry daily editions - which then vanish.   However, thanks to the dedication of the folks at webarchive.com, earlier versions can be found (as they have been archived off-line).  Here is a link to earlier issues of the Kashmir Times - the same can be done for other papers by inserting the newspaper url in the search line.

E-mail discussion lists on Kashmir A list of e-mail discussion groups on Kashmir.  Most such groups can end up as little more than slanging matches, as much between rival friends as sincere and implacable enemies.  Inevitably they tend to be dominated by Diaspora political agendas.

Kashmir Times The Kashmir Times, based in Jammu, is the leading English-language daily newspaper in Jammu & Kashmir. Founded as a weekly in 1954, it became a daily in 1964. While it is the subject of some grumbling it remains the newspaper of record in the state. The grumbling probably proves how good it is.  Edited by Prabodh Janwal.

Kashmir Observer The Kashmir Observer, another English-language daily newspaper published from Srinagar.

Daily Excelsior The Daily Excelsior, based in Jammu, is another English-language daily newspaper in Jammu, which offers a Hindu-centric perspective on current affairs & Kashmir.  Edited by Mr Rohmetra.

Greater Kashmir   Greater Kashmir, which was founded during the current militancy, is an English language daily published out of Srinagar itself.  It offers an editorial slant from a pro-APHC perspective.   Edited by Zahir-u-Din.

The Kashmir Monitor is another on-line source of daily news from Kashmir.

The Daily Wadi Ki Awaz (Urdu)  Srinagar newspaper.

Daily Afaaq  (Urdu)  Srinagar newspaper.

Daily Aftab (Urdu)  Srinagar newspaper.

Daily Alsafa (Urdu)  Srinagar newspaper.

Daily Uqaab (Urdu)  Srinagar newspaper.

Daily Mashrik (Urdu) Srinagar newspaper.

Ahtisab (Urdu).  Srinagar newspaper.

Kashmir Images Weekly (now daily?) newspaper, published out of Srinagar, in English, edited by Bashir Manzar.

Kashmir Herald (English) Kashmiri Pandit e-zine which claims to be "the voice of Kashmiri Hindus". Edited by Subodh Atal, Lalit Koul, and Sunil Fotedar.  The perspective is pro-Panun Kashmir.

Yahoo! News Summaries on Kashmir Very useful - updated in real-time.

Summaries of Indian press on Kashmir The Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies, based in New Delhi, is an independent Indian defence and security think-tank.   While the material it publishes on Kashmir follows a mainly Indian line, the web-site offers a useful resource, monthly summaries of Indian press coverage about Kashmir.  Hence it is placed in the Press section.

Kashmir Media Service.  A Pakistan-based press agency, with coverage bending in that direction.  Daily news.

The Hindu - with regular reports on Kashmir (and a good Kashmir correspondent).

Indian Express - with regular reports on Kashmir (and an equally good man on the ground).

Rediff.com Excellent coverage of Kashmir from this on-line newspaper.

India Today Kashmir news site  Very useful; with a series of video and audio links.

Kashmir media not yet on-line

Expedition magazine.  Launched in 2001, this Srinagar based glossy monthly is full of useful stories.  It is independent and a fully commercial enterprise.

New Hope.  Launched in 2000, this magazine covers political, environmental, economic and historical stories on Kashmir.  It is published by Firdous Syed Babar.

South Asia relevant links      

Stimson Center The excellent Washington-based foreign policy and security think-tank.  Their SAIF dialogue covers a range of Kashmir-related issues, and can be read on-line.  Michael Krepon is the specialist most interested in Kashmir.

Brookings Institute The liberal Brookings Institute is one of the leading Washington DC think-tanks covering South Asia.  Professor Steve Cohen is their South Asia specialist.

Center for Strategic and International Studies The right-leaning strategic studies centre in  Washington DC, which has some helpful briefs on South Asia and Kashmir.  Ambassador Teresita Schaffer directs their South Asia work.

US State Department on Kashmir The US State Department, like the British Foreign Office, has desks that cover individual countries.  There is also a research and analysis department, which contains regional specialists who work on South Asia over a longer period.

Selected diplomatic missions
US Embassy, India US Embassy, Pakistan
USAID, India (Kashmir page)
UK High Commission, India UK High Commission, Pakistan
Indian Embassy, Washington DC Pakistani Embassy, Washington DC
Misc Kashmir sites

United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan – their official web-site. Formed in 1951, UNMOGIP monitors the ceasefire line between India and Pakistan in Jammu & Kashmir. Relatively run down since 1971, when India withdrew support for the group, the 40-50 strong team is now attracting a lot of attention because of summer 1999 clashes along the Line of Control.  Dr Pauline Dawson has written a helpful history of UNMOGIP.

UN Security Resolutions on Kashmir Link to details.

Kashmir Study Group  An American-led think-tank on Kashmir, the KSG has published two important reports.  There are some incredibly useful maps and breakdowns here of J&K.  Farooq Kathwari, a Kashmiri-American, leads the KSG.  The KSG itself consists of an impressive array of specialists on Kashmir.

The University of Kashmir, Srinagar.  A good university, with committed staff, finally on-line in 2001.

GMC, Srinagar  A new site put up by students from the college.

Academic Kashmir page an international relations site based on Kashmir.

Kashmiri language resources (Peter Hook)

Kashmiri language course (Prof Braj B. Katru)   This full course is on-line - a very useful resource.
Kashmir books (Amazon.com) The famous Amazon dispenses its Kashmir list.

Contemporary South Asia  A leading journal on South Asia, with good Kashmir articles.

Jammu City (information & links) Information on the beautiful city of Jammu (which really is worth a visit, as it has an extraordinary range of temples, excellent restaurants and genuinely warm inhabitants. It’s not fair that Srinagar gets all the acclaim, and far too many Western visitors pass through Jammu at speed or by-pass it altogether.

Kashmir photos A selection of Kashmir photographs.

Kash Photographer who has some good shots of Kashmir under militancy on-line.

Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences   (official site)

Kashnet is a leading Kashmir discussion site.  Can be inundated with polemic.  (Link currently broken).

Kashmir book list List of Kashmir-related books.

Mughal's Kashmir site

Kashmir maps (University of Texas library) Useful maps.

Pathfinder maps of Kashmir   Less useful maps.

Stratmag  A South Asia security site, run from India.

A feminist analysis of Lalla, by Jaishree Kak Odin, a professor
at the University of Hawaii.

Kashmir.net  Provides listings of diaspora Kashmiris.

Kashmir.ca  A new Canadian site for diaspora Kashmiris.  Contains a listing of Canada-based Kashmiris, photos, and a message board.

Kashmir sites - broadly pro-India or Pandit

Jammu & Kashmir State Government  The official site of the state government.  Informative, but not often updated.

The Prime Minister's Office, India  One centre of Kashmir policy in India, driven by Vajpayee and Brajesh Mishra.

Indian Ministry of Home Affairs  The other centre of Kashmir policy in India, led by L.K.Advani.

Delhi Policy Group A major Indian security think-tank, which appears to have lost its web-site.

Profile of Jammu & Kashmir state

The Jammu & Kashmir State Bank

Jammu & Kashmir State Financial Corporation

Jammu & Kashmir forest department

Peace Initiatives  An Indian journal that covers Kashmir regularly.

Indo-American Kashmir Forum  Pandit lobbying organisation in the United States.  Dr Vijay Sazawal is the president.

Indo-European Kashmir Forum Currently down, but coming back up soon. Pandit site.  The IEKF held some conferences in the UK, and push a similar agenda to Panun Kashmir (see below).
Listing of Kashmiri Pandit organisations  Names and addresses of different KP organisations.
Panun Kashmir A Kashmiri Pandit site, promoting the views of the Panun Kashmir political party.  It reflects a new strand in Pandit politics since 1990, when many Pandits fled the Valley.  Information on human rights, Kashmiri history and politics, but very much from a Pandit perspective. (* there used to be longer comments about PK here.  Some visitors asked us to remove them - or comment equally on all the links.  Fair point.  So the comments have been removed.  Feedback does make a difference - and the point that consistency matters is accepted.)
Kashmir Overseas Association. Another Pandit site.   It’s very clear that Pandit sites, like their Islamist counterparts, link only to each other.

Indo-Canadian Kashmir Forum. Another diaspora Pandit organisation. This is a holding site; their old site has vanished. 

Hindunet Kashmir site Self-explanatory.

Jammu & Kashmir 'The Facts'.   Hindu site on Kashmir.

The Jammu & Kashmir Light Infantry

Army in Kashmir (defunct from late 1998 to early 1999, but sometimes running today).  The Indian Army site for Kashmir, with daily military updates. There's a funny tale behind this site.  Set up to pitch an Indian army perspective on Kashmir, it contains daily briefings from the Army and a comments book.   The comments book was soon signed by Hurriyat leaders, disputing the Indian Army version of events.  The site was later hacked into and changed completely, and this is probably why it was off-line for a while.

The Indian Armed Forces (not working) a variant on the above, which gives some idea on how the Indian armed forces are organised. Useful if you map it onto the different units in Jammu & Kashmir.

Jammu-Kashmir.com Another large site. No information is given as to who backs this site.

Kashmir and India maps

Kashmir site (Gulrukh Ahanger)

The India Tourism site for Jammu & Kashmir There’s nothing going on in Kashmir but developing tourism, beautiful lakes, mystical temples …… or so this site would suggest. It is a useful source of information for the potential visitor.  

South Asia Terrorism Portal  A useful Indian site providing articles from Faultlines, a robust journal.  There are also some useful statistical graphics on Kashmir.

Kashmir Information A big site on Kashmir, probably run by Pandits.  Unreliable statistics on refugee numbers, and very pitched from a Kashmiri Pandit perspective.  But that aside there are useful bits and pieces.
Kashmir sites - broadly pro-unification with Pakistan or pro-independence

All Parties Hurriyat Conference - It once had a web-site, until it was banned by the Indians.  Inoperative site, but may be worth checking from time to time.  A useful (and impartial) profile of the APHC is on the Indian Express web-site.

Government of Pakistan – the official government site. With considerable material on Kashmir.

Kashmir Liberation Cell. A semi-governmental organisation supported by the Government of Pakistan, which advocates the official Pakistani line on Kashmir. The KLC has offices across Pakistan and Azad Kashmir, and claims to have branches in the Europe, North America and the Middle-East.   Interesting video links.

Islamabad Policy Research Institute Relatively new think-tank in Pakistan.

Institute for Regional Studies, Pakistan Some (good) work has been done here on Kashmir.

Kashmir Watch  From the Institute of Kashmir Studies, AJK.

Kashmir.co.uk appears to represent an anti-militancy, pro-independence view.

Mirpur web-site The Mirpur web-site (relatively new)

Azad Kashmir Details on AJK.

Kashmir burns  A Kashmiri site, with very little content.

The Azad Kashmir Regiment  Basic details.

Kashmir Research and Record Cell, Mirpur  Useful NGO, set up in 1990.

Kashmir as a disputed territory

Jamaat-i-Islami (Pakistan) Jamaat takes an active interest in Kashmir, and is widely held to be closely linked to certain Kashmiri militant groups.

Kashmir Education Foundation.   Pakistani NGO.

Ummah.org (Islamist Kashmir site) You won't get coverage of important Kashmiri issues like the Pandits here, but you do get information about human rights abuses and the politics of Kashmir from a Muslim perspective. Many of the comments about the early 1990s here are valid, but once again, exaggerations and links only to likeminded sites dominate.

Hizbul Mujahadeen - This site did offer a one-page HM outlet.  The site has been suspended due to non-payment. Syed Salahuddin is the HM leader; Salim Hashmi their spokesman.

Declared a terrorist organisation and banned by Pakistan on 12 January 2002:  LeT site below not presently working (Dec 26, 2001) - has the LeT been excised from the web? Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT)  The LeT are one of the major militant groups fighting in Kashmir.  Mainly Punjabi, they are strongly Islamist. MUJAHIDEEN LASHKAR-E-TAIBA, P.O.Box 259-flat no.9 1st floor, Trade Centre, 180 Multan Road, Lahore - , Pakistan  Tel: (92-42) 741-2565, Mobile: (92-300) 470690, Fax: (92-42) 741-1242   Their spokesman is Yahya Mujahid.

Weekly Jehad Times (linked to the LeT). This has vanished in January 2002 - let's see if it reappears.

Radio Al Jehad (linked to the LeT)

Jehad-e-Kashmir Militant magazine on-line (in Urdu). 
Mailing address: Al-Ikram Building Murree Raod Rawalpindi Ph: 0092-051-5554637-5552849

University of Azad Kashmir  Founded in 1980, this is the higher education institution in AJK.

Jammu & Kashmir People's League  Led by Mohd. Farooq Rehmani, this party is linked to the Al Fatah Force militant group.   Post Box No.: 111, Shaigan, Islamabad, Pakistan.  Tel: + 92 - 51 - 4445315 / 4442356 E-mail: jkpl@kashmiris.org

Dharb-e-Mumin  Pro-militant magazine.   The publicity wing of the Jaish-e-Mohammad militant group.

United Jihad Council (Muttahida Jihad Council)  As yet, the UJC/MJC does not appear to have a web-site.  It is the co-ordinating body for most of the militant groups fighting in Kashmir.  Its chairman is Syed Salahuddin; its vice-chairman is Mohammad Usman.


Kashmir sites - broadly pro-Independence

JKLF (Amanullah Khan) Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (Amanullah Khan).  Represents a faction of the JKLF, based mainly in Pakistan.

JKDLP Jammu Kashmir Democratic Liberation Party (JKDLP). Pro-independence group based in Pakistan, but headquartered in Srinagar.

Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (Yasin Malik, who is the JKLF leader based in the Kashmir Valley).

Kashmir 290 The Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party site.


Further Kashmir links

BBC News on Kashmir.  The very latest BBC stories on Kashmir.

Hazratbal Mosque  A new site from Srinagar's famous mosque and shrine.

New!  Karan Singh  The son of the last Maharaja of Kashmir, Dr Karan Singh is a prolific author.  This is his web-site.

Mission Kashmir  This Bollywood movie, released in 2000, was filmed in Srinagar and Bombay.  It even uses the house in which Ashok Jaitley, chief secretary in Kashmir, lives as a set.  It is a lively film with good music, but whether it tells much about Kashmir remains to be seen, as it is very much a good guys/bad guys film.  The guest militant in it is a sheer caricature.

The International Journal of Tantric Studies - a refereed journal, it occasionally has Kashmir-relevant pieces.

Butt Houseboats   Perhaps the most exclusive houseboats in Kashmir, the Butt Clermont Houseboats at Naseem Bagh have seen a steady stream of famous visitors and journalists.  This site gives a good idea as to what the 1930s chintz world of houseboats is like.

Shabnam Houseboats  Another example.   I cannot endorse either of these two houseboat firms, as I haven't stayed with either.

Kashmir Sapphires  More gems.

Trekking in Kashmir   Useful amateur site.

Kashmir Fabrics  An example of some of the handicrafts of Kashmir.

A Kashmiri solution for Kashmir, by Eqbal Ahmed 
An interesting, pessimistic perspective that suggests that India and Pakistan have done little to solve the Kashmir dispute.

The KashmirKlub.  Completely irrelevant, but the source of a good anecdote.  This live music club in central London was founded by Tony Moore, the former keyboard player in the Cutting Crew, a 1980s pop band.  It's called the KashmirKlub because 'it means nothing at all', according to Tony.  This does say something about the relative obscurity of the Kashmir dispute in the West, even today.   (By the way, it has excellent live music in the evenings, much of which is web-cast.)


Other media links

Jane's publications

Jane's Terrorism and Security Monitor Frequent coverage of Kashmir.

Jane's Islamic Affairs Analyst  Regular news pieces on Kashmir.

Jane's Sentinel Security Assessments, South Asia


The site owner accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of information contained across these sites.  I also wish to disassociate myself from any site calling for or supporting political violence.  The advice is - treat all with great suspicion.  Just because a 'fact' is repeated across a range of web-sites does not make it true.

This site is not funded by any party to the Kashmir conflict, nor does it solicit such funds.

All comments and contributions welcome.
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